In accordance with Indigitech’s steadfast commitment to aiding Indigenous outback communities, we are delighted to announce our donation of a 75″ Interactive Display with a Mobile Stand to the Walanbaa Dhurrali Early Learning Centre in Lightning Ridge. This generous contribution is intended to elevate the learning environment and promote greater cohesion within the Indigenous community.

The Interactive Display we’ve donated is a versatile educational tool that offers a multitude of learning opportunities, including screen mirroring, data sharing, and the creation of Infinite canvases. Moreover, it comes equipped with an extensive range of apps, tools, and downloadable files, all of which serve to enrich the educational experience for everyone involved.

We are deeply moved by the warm reception this donation has garnered from the Indigenous community, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received thus far. Indigitech remains unwavering in our dedication to supporting initiatives that empower and uplift Indigenous communities throughout the outback.