Indigitech reached out to the Lightning Ridge community and was saddened to learn of a tragic incident: the local preschool had been destroyed by fire several years prior, resulting in the loss of all their belongings. Recognising an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, Indigitech decided to take action. We believed that donating a 75″ Interactive Display with an electric motorised stand would be a fitting gesture to support the community’s efforts to rebuild and to provide enhanced educational opportunities for the affected children.

The donated Interactive Display serves as a versatile tool, offering a wide range of educational opportunities such as screen mirroring, data sharing, and lesson planning activities. Additionally, it comes equipped with a variety of apps, tools, and file downloads, enriching the learning experience for all involved.

We are deeply touched by the warm reception and positive feedback this donation has received from the Lightning Ridge community. Indigitech remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting initiatives that empower and uplift Indigenous communities across the outback.