As part of our ongoing dedication to supporting Indigenous outback communities, Indigitech takes pride in donating a 75″ Interactive Display to Goodooga Public School. This interactive unit has been strategically installed in the Administration Foyer for maximum accessibility.

The donated Interactive Display functions as a versatile educational tool, offering a wide array of opportunities to enhance learning experiences. Its primary purpose is to facilitate interaction with parents and students by showcasing school event information and engaging students with educational activities. This technology significantly enriches the educational journey for both teachers and students alike.

We deeply appreciate the warm reception and positive feedback received from the staff at Goodooga Public School regarding this generous donation. Indigitech remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting initiatives that empower and uplift Indigenous communities throughout the outback.
Indigitech’s first community project has been a great success, and we believe the community will greatly benefit from this technology.